About us

CovalentCreative is an independently owned digital marketing agency that provides content, creative, and technology services for forward-thinking eyecare organizations. We believe that the key to success as an organization—and as a partner—is to have a laser focus on today’s eyecare professionals.

Our team has decades of combined experience as clinicians, marketers, engineers, and creatives. We are a group of funny, kind, whip-smart individuals who rise to the challenge and push the limits on a daily basis.

Our team

  • Matt Geller, OD  |  CEO
  • Brett Kestenbaum, DPT  |  COO
  • Josh Geller  |  CTO
  • Samuel Beeler
    Media Production Manager
  • Sanjana Bhattacharya
    Assistant Editor
  • Rubén Bravo
    Graphic Designer
  • Cheryl Brown
    Director of Business Development
  • Christine Carder
    Talent Acquisition Specialist
  • Marykate Cavanagh
    Events Manager
  • Antonio Chirumbolo
    Director of Client Services
  • Kellie Christensen
    Traffic Manager
  • Michael Cooper
    Medical / Advisory Consultant
  • Alex Delaney-Gesing
    News Editor
  • Miguel Delatorre
    Sr. Sales Consultant
  • Ashley Foster
    Senior Marketing Manager
  • Derek Gladstone
    Full-Stack Web Developer
  • Priti Gohil
    Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist
  • Eleanor Gold
  • Don Hess
    Senior Account Director
  • Pamela Hunt
    Senior Content Specialist
  • Donna Ison
    Senior Editor
  • Shantelle Johnson
    Director of Events
  • Maria Johnston-Gallo
    Event Coordinator
  • Katherine Laurin
    Associate Director of Marketing
  • Lexi Liljenquist
    Operations Specialist
  • Amy Malburg
    Marketing & Operations Intern
  • Jordan M
    Market Research Analyst
  • Dani Meekins
    Account Coordinator
  • Ro Mediavilla
    Customer Success Associate
  • Julia Morgan
    Event Coordinator
  • Mario Muñiz
    Senior Full-Stack Web Developer
  • Dominic Pearson
    Full-Stack Web Developer
  • Douglas Prodor
    Livestream Producer
  • Shana Reizfeld
    Social Media Specialist
  • Angelina Rojas
    Junior Graphic Designer
  • Michele Segalla
    Senior Operations Manager
  • Rachel Viernes
    Ad Operations Manager
  • Adam Tremaine
    Sr. Graphic Designer
  • Madison Tremble
    Marketing & Operations Intern
  • Ray White
    VP of Marketing Operations
  • Brandi Wiatrak
    Senior Content Marketing Manager

      Our name

      Covalent bonds are one of the strongest bonds formed in nature. We include the word "covalent" in our name because robust connections are at the heart of everything we do.

      As partners, we build authentic relationships with our clients. And as an organization, we build enduring bonds with the eyecare professionals we serve through valuable, informative resources.